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NOVA is the first Bulgarian commercial local television network launched on July 16, 1994. Nova TV, alongside the channels Kino Nova, Nova Sport, DIEMA, Diema Family and Diema Sport are part of Nova Broadcasting Group and owned by Modern Times Group.
On July 31, 2008 Swedish media conglomerate Modern Times Group bought Nova TV from Antenna Group for €620 million. The deal was completed on October 16, 2008. The television network received a national television license on July 18, 2003, thus becoming the third national television in Bulgaria, after Kanal 1 and bTV, and the second private national media.
On February 19, 2018, MTG announced that the Czech investment group PPF attained 95% of Nova Broadcasting Group. The remaining 5% was given to the CEO of Nova Didie Stosel.



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